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K A I · R O S /ˈkīräs/ - noun: a propitious moment for decision or action.


to speak truth through music. To converse with our fellows in the world through the universal language of emotion.



to be a band. Not a group of exceptional individuals, but an exceptional group with our own collective vision and sound.




to bring magic to live music by engrossing and enthralling audiences with our performance style.


We believe music to be an instrument of PEACE. Expression, Unity & Captivation encapsulate this truth. We strive to uphold this mantra for ourselves and for our audiences together.

MacArthur Fellow Dafnis Prieto presents Kairos Sextet, an all-star ensemble formed in the image of Dafnis's own ground-breaking group. The group’s first outing, “Transition,” is an homage to their mentor, Dafnis, and marks a turning point in the ensemble’s trajectory. Under Prieto’s tutelage the group has evolved from simply a group of exceptional individual musicians, becoming an exceptional group with a collective vision and unique voice. The album is comprised of all original material and includes Prieto’s composition, “Triangles and Circles,” as it was arranged for his own sextet.

Originally formed as the seminal Dafnis Prieto Artist Prieto Ensemble at the Frost School of Music, accordingly, the ensemble principally performed original material and Prieto’s own musical works.  Having formed close ties with their mentor and leader, and strong musical bonds as a unit, the group reorganized as a professional ensemble under the moniker Kairos Sextet. In September 2016, Kairos cut its first commercial recording project, Transition, with Prieto as executive producer. The studio session was book-ended by Kairos’s first multi-city tour with performances in Miami, San Francisco bay area, Monterey and Los Angeles, with appearances at several high-profile venues including two stage performances at the Monterey Jazz Festival and a live-filmed performance at the Blue Whale.


Kairos is comprised of a few of the Frost School of Music’s most star-studded alumni: on alto and soprano saxophone, Tom Kelley, a 2012-2013 Brubeck Fellow and award-winning composer; on trumpet Sam Neufeld, winner of the 2015 National Trumpet Competition - Jazz Division; on tenor saxophone, Sean Johnson, the ensemble's leader and producer of Kairos Sextet’s first record; pianist and keyboardist, Nick Lamb, a recipient of 10 Downbeat Student Music Awards and a host of music accolades; upright and electric bassist, Jon Dadurka, Director of Jazz Studies at Broward College; and drummer Johnathan Hulett, a 2013 Yamaha Young Performing Artist competition winner and recipient of 7 Downbeat Student Music Awards.